Friday, April 11, 2014

Doubleweave Mug Rugs

Doubleweave is one of the structures that I have wanted to explore since I started weaving again.  I was teaching a friend to weave recently and she picked doubleweave from a project in Handwoven as the weave structure she wanted to use for her second project.  The Handwoven project used rayon chenille and she wanted to make cloth using a heavier weight cotton to make a tote bag.  I wasn't sure what sett we would need to use for 5/2 cotton, so I decided to put a short warp on to sample and found this pattern for mug rugs, so we could kill two stones with one bird.  Glad that we sampled, cause her structure didn't look so good, the colors ended up pretty muddy, but the mug rugs came out great.

Date Finished  February 2014
Loom    Baby Wolf
Weave Structure  Doubleweave
Reed  8 dent, 32 epi
Warp     Fiber  cotton
              Count   5/2
              Color  yellow, orange, burgundy
              Mfr  Valley Yarns
              Source  Webs
Warp     Width in Reed  5"
              Ends   168
              Length  3 yds
Weft      Fiber  same as warp
Beat                       50/50                     

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Christmas Rosepath

Last year I wove an overshot table runner in red and white, that I had hoped to get finished by Christmas.  Well, I didn't get it completed till January, so I called it a Valentine's Day table runner.  I had similar plans this year to weave small figures using an 8 shaft rosepath threading, including Christmas trees, stars, hearts and gingerbread people.  I was not sure exactly what I would do with the cloth, but thought that it could be cut up and made into flat Christmas tree ornaments each about 2 or 3 inches square.  My other plan was to make Christmas cards with a cutout in the front cover peeking through to a woven tree or heart as shown on Amanda Cutler's blogpost here.  I ended up with Christmas trees, stars, and hearts.  I couldn't find a draft for a gingerbread man that would use only 10 treadles and 8 shafts.  I had to change the tie-up for each of these designs.  Tim's Treadle reducer program was helpful to reduce some of the drafts from 12 or 13 treadles to the 10 treadles on my loom.

Date Finished  December 2013
Loom  Baby Wolf
Weave Structure Rosepath
Reed  8, 24 epi
Warp     Fiber cotton
              Count  8/2
              Color  natural
              Mfr  Valley Yanr
              Source  Webs
Warp     Width in Reed  6.6"
              Ends  160 plus 2 floating selvedges
              Length  3 yds
Weft      Fiber  cotton
              Count  8/2 cotton
Pattern Weft      Fiber  cotton
              Frogged cotton in red, green
              5/2 perle cotton in blue
Beat       50/50                     

Notes  The 5/2 was not thick enough to make a good pattern.  3/2 would be a better choice.

Chenille scarves

Do you like my new model? He's not quite a mannequin, but he makes a good prop for scarves.  Last summer, Gary and I were visiting friends and left their house by way of the alley and found a mountain of trash from neighbors cleaning out their garage.  The owners of the house owned a department store that had been a fixture in town for decades.  They sold the real estate and closed the business and had lots of leftovers from the business, including 6 styrofoam heads used to display cowboy hats.  Other scores included rodeo posters from the 80's, old Christmas decorations that were made in Japan (pre-Chinese), and a big roll of store gift wrapping paper.

So back to the scarves, this winter I bought a number of sweaters at the Red Lodge Senior Center Thrift Shop.  One of the sweaters was a red chenille women's sweater which had flecks of blue, yellow and purple.  I thought that the yarn from this would make a great weft in a winter scarf.  The warp yarn was frogged from a cotton sweater of Gary's.  It is a heavy 4 ply cotton with virtually no twist.  What's better than free yarn?  The scarves are woven in an undulating twill, draft #204 from A Weaver's Handbook of 8 Shaft Patterns.

Date Finished         February, 2014
Loom                     Baby Wolf
Weave Structure     Undulating Twill
Reed                       8 epi
Warp     Fiber         Cotton
              Count        Unknown
              Color         Red  
              Source Frogged      
Warp     Width in Reed   8 in
              Ends                 64        
              Length             6 yd warp for 2 scarves
Weft      Fiber        Rayon chenille
              Count       unknown
              Color       red
              Source     frogged

Size  6: x  72


Monday, December 9, 2013

More Twill Towels

This summer I made a run of towels on a 7 yard warp in a straight twill.  I loved the opportunity to try out 7 different tie-ups and treadling.  Using a white warp and different colors of weft and different treadling resulted in very different towels.  I blogged about those towels here in an earlier post.

Fancy Twill
Draft 13916
I decided that I wanted to try the same thing with a point twill.  The patterns included some that I found on pinterest, and A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns. The warp is an 8/4 matt cotton available from Earth Guild.  It is a very soft, not highly twisted cotton, that results in a very lush fabric that I hope is absorbent for towels.  However, set at 20 epi, some of the floats were pretty long on the cloth.  A couple of the tie-ups had floats that were 5 pics long. Hopefully, the stickiness of the yarn will keep the warp from snagging.

One of my favorites in this set uses several different weft colors in random patterns and stripes.  It reminds me of a Fair Isle sweater.  The weft for this towel was frogged from thrift store sweaters.
                                             Fancy Twill
A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Draft 323-2

Twill Thrills
Page 7

Snowflake Twill Thrills
Page 7
Loom  Baby Wolf
Weave Structure  Point Twill
Reed  12, 20 epi
Warp     Fiber  Matt Cotton
              Count  8/4
              Color  Natural
              Source  Earthguild
Warp     Width in Reed  20 "
              Ends  402
              Length  7 yds
Weft      5/2 and 8/2 cottons and some frogged cottons
Draft 61537
Date Finished  December 2013
Beat       50/50  
Size  17 1/2 x 24 1/2

Friday, December 6, 2013

Twill Block Scarves

I have to admit that I am a lurker on the Warped Weavers Group at  I love looking at the projects posted by members and getting inspiration on projects.  I have wanted to weave a turned twill and thought that pillows using 8/2 or 10/2 cotton would be my first project in this weave structure.  But I saw a set of scarves woven by marydargie woven using 8/2 tencel and loved the draft.  I changed it up a bit and only used one color warp, aquamarine.  I wove two scarves on this warp, one using a hunter green weft and one using a burgundy weft.  The scarves have a wonderful drape to them.

Date Finished  October 2013
Loom  Baby Wolf
Weave Structure  Turned Twill
Reed  20epi - 12
Warp     Fiber  tencel
              Count  8/2
              Color  Turquoise
              Source  WEBS
Warp     Width in Reed  10"
              Ends  202
              Length  6 yds
Weft      Fiber  tencel
              Count  8/2
              Color  one with hunter green and one with burgundy
              Source  WEBS
Beat                       50/50                     
Size  8 x 80"

Monday, December 2, 2013

Luggage Rack

Gary is a wonderful wood worker and he has added many fine handmade tools to my weaving studio.  He took up woodturning a couple of years ago and now is the proud owner of 3 lathes.  Earlier this year, he made this luggage rack and all it needed were straps to hold up the suitcases. The luggage rack is made from poplar wood.  The turned center piece came from a poplar tree from our yard.   I had planned to weave a rosepath strap with inlaid plants and vegetables using a draft from Handwoven, but the veggies just didn't look realistic.  With an rosepath threading of 8/2 cotton, I wove a fancy twill using a deep red 5/2 cotton as weft.  The pattern is from A Weaver's Book of 8-Shaft Patterns, Draft 323-2.

Date Finished  August, 2013
Loom  Baby Wolf
Weave Structure  Fancy Twill on Rosepath threading
Reed  10, 20 epi
Warp     Fiber  Cotton
              Count  8/2
              Color  Natural, with single accent darker green
              Warp     Width in Reed  less tha 3"
              Ends  56
              Length  3 yds
Weft      Fiber  Mercerized cotton
              Count  5/2
              Color  Burgundy
              Source  WEBS
Beat      Weft dominant                     

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Huck Lace Placemats

I completed these placemats several months ago, then got lazy on photographing and writing up the results of my weaving.  The placemats are made using 3/2 mercerized cotton for both the warp and the weft, so they weave up very quickly.  The recipe for these, Elegant Placemats, came from another of the free publications from Handwoven, Free Handweaving Projects for Beginners.  Four placemats could be made with a one pound cone of yarn, but since I wanted to weave up at least 6, I needed to buy 2 cones of yarn.  The only problem with these are the edges tend to pucker in the plain weave sections.

Date Finished  June 2013
Loom  Baby Wolf
Weave Structure  Huck
Reed  12, 12 epi
Warp     Fiber  Mercerized cotton
              Count  3/2
              Color  Amber Gold
              Source  WEBS
Warp     Width in Reed  15"
              Ends  177
              Length  5 yds - made 7 placemats
Weft      Fiber - same as warp
Beat 50 - 50          
Size  13 X 18, hemmed